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By HIROYUKI ARIGA, the story narrated on 7 chapters and 127 pages explaining the events before Resident Evil 1

The prologue included a brief interview with R.E. producer Shinji Mikami, and (voila!), a short 7-chapter novel (written by Hiroyuki Ariga) followed.

The story begins when Chris receives a strange late-night call from his long-lost friend Billy Rabitson, and ends when the S.T.A.R.S. chopper lands at the Spencer estate. About 16 or so illustrations graced the pages of this book. Many of them have now become classics.

Right now discover the texts, which explain the events that took place before the beginning of Resident Evil.

Chapter One: Resident Evil

Whenever the phone rings in the middle of the night. I know someone’s dead who wasn’t dead the day before. Happens all the time. Except when it’s a wrong number. Like this totally drunk woman who thought I was her long lost lover. Or the idiot who tied up my line with a long monologue in Portuguese.

I’ve had this late-night fear of the phone for five years now, ever since a state police chaplain called me at two a.m. to tell me my parents were dead. Their vacation van had been crushed by a runaway big rig. The coroner had to ID them through dental records, they were mangled so bad.
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